Annebeth Lange


Annebeth Lange – NORID

Annebeth B. Lange is from Oslo, Norway. She is a lawyer and has been working with Internet Law since 2000, after having written her theses on intellectual property law under professor Jon Bing at the Norwegian Research Centre of Computers and Law (NRCCL) at University of Oslo. She was first involved with Internet Governance in 2000 as the Norwegian representative in WSIS and ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee. Since 2007 she has been the head of the legal and policy department of Norid, the Norwegian Registry for Internet Domain Names. She has been a member of the CENTR Board, the NRCCL and the Norwegian Law Association Education Committee. She is an active participant in the Internet Community, responsible for contact with public authorities and universities, heading legal work and development of the name policy of .no and leading the Norwegian ADR, the Domain Complaint Board. She is Norid’s representative in ICANN through ccNSO, participating in CENTR , IGF and other international organizations.