Amr Mustafa


Amr Mustafa – Yemen

Academic background: I am currently a Master student at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. I study Master of Business Informatics. In 2012, I was graduated from Sana’a University in Yemen with a Bachelors of Network Technology & Information Security. Besides, I am currently part of a new organization, namely, Yodet “” which is an organization based in Yemen and works mainly in the field of Internet and Technology.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
I was first introduced to the concept of Internet Governance in 2014 where I joined an online introductory course. I had a basic understanding of more general issues such as cybersecurity, privacy, net neutrality and many others. I had also an opportunity to join a reginal IGF “ArabIGF” in 2014. I realized how different people representing different stakeholder groups can all agree on one concept “Open Internet”. It is very obvious that some issues are bigger than others and some issues are very problematic, such as privacy, than others. Yet, everyone is ready to negotiate and debate their views. In the past 3 years, I have accumulated a good understanding of IG issues, However, some issues, like the IANA transition are still not clear for me. Further, issues like Internet Organization and their role in operating the internet. Also how businesses impact internet regulations and how to stop that. I am also wondering about the role of Civil Society in conflicts such as the last one between Apple and the FBI. Finally, through this week, I strive not only to know more about IG but also to meet young enthusiasts who wants to make the internet open.