Florian Daniel

Management Center Innsbruck

Florian Daniel – Austria

Academic background: Before moving to Innsbruck to study Management and Law at the MCI, I attended the HTL Perg, to learn Software Engineering in a five-year process. While going to school, I used my spare time to learn more about Internet Governance and Safer Internet. Moving to London, to work for Kaspersky Lab, for half a year, helped me to further increase my knowledge in internet related topics.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
After attending the international IGF two years in succession, I want to learn more about Internet Governance, as I still feel that I lack basic information from time to time. At the IGF, last year, Richard Wein from nic.at recommended, that I should attend the EURO-SSIG, as it provides extremely good education and is a good place to meet new people from the IG-world.
As my current studies, do not focus on IG or any technical topic, I want to improve my skills with this summer school. My goal is to connect management skills, learned at the MCI, with the world of Internet Governance to create projects and support the important world of Internet Governance.