Irina Cojocaru

Information Society Development Institute

Irina Cojocaru – Republic of Moldova

Academic background: I received my MSc degree in Business Administration from the Academy of Economic Studies (2009-2011). It included Management, Marketing, Communication, Quality Management, Economic and Financial Analysis. I graduated from the Technical University of Moldova with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Applied Languages (1999-2004), my study subjects included Computer Science, Natural Language Processing, Theory and practice of translation. My other qualification include Enterprise Content Management Platform Domain Experts Training from e-Government Center, Moldova (2014), Internal Auditor Course for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 from AJA Registrars, Romania (2010), ICT and ICT Management in Public Sector from E-Governance Academy, Estonia (2004).

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
I am interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG Summer School because I believe it will provide a valuable opportunity to learn about various Internet governance issues, such as multistakeholder Internet governance mechanisms, social and economic implications of IG etc. The institute I represent brings its contribution to information society development at the national level, therefore my getting a better understanding of IG will strengthen our capacity to actively participate in national and regional Internet governance processes. This in turn will help us raise awareness and promote at the national level discussions on public policy issues related to Internet Governance.
Being delivered by a high level faculty of academics and practitioners, this Summer School will advance my knowledge on Internet Governance. As Euro-SSIG offers unique opportunities for learning in a multi stakeholder environment, I am sure it will broaden my horizons and will facilitate discussions, exchanges and collaboration among participants.