Michael Oghia


Michael Oghia – Serbia

Academic background: I hold a Master of Arts in sociology from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and a Bachelor of Science in sociology from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
My motivation to attend Euro-SSIG 2017 stems from my current involvement in Internet governance-related processes and the amount of formal capacity building I have completed. I have been heavily involved in the Internet governance ecosystem, specifically in Europe, since mid-2015, but I do not have a formal technical or policy-related background. Thus, there are many aspects of the community that I am not well versed in – including processes related to the private sector and intergovernmental organizations. I fully endorse and subscribe to the principles of the multistakeholder model, so I am committed to learning more about how stakeholder relations/engagement function within the community, how to better contribute to more robust involvement, and how I can be a more effective Internet governance professional. I hope through my participation in the program that I can gain new insight and understanding about how the community operates, build on my experience as a two-time ISOC IGF ambassador, and further my knowledge of key areas of Internet governance, such as ICANN policymaking, ITU consultation processes, and the relationship between the private sector and the wider community.