Moses Otsieno


Moses Otsieno – Kenya

Academic background: I hold a Bachelor of Laws degree (Honours) from University of Nairobi’s School of law majoring in International law and ICT and the Law. I am a fellow of 2008 Good Governance Programme of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria in South Africa where I studied access to information and freedom of expression online. I have also trained as an e-learning course facilitator by the International NGO Training and Research Center (INTRAC), UK and Dynamind E Learning.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG: I draw motivation in applying for the Euro-SSIG from my academic training and professional experience.
I work for Hivos as the East Africa Regional Programme Development Manager for Freedom of Expression where one of my key roles is to develop the regional programme on Internet Governance. Internet Governance is a relatively new field yet critical to developing countries. I firmly believe that this course will enable me to better appreciate issues that are critical to development such as cyber security and human rights online. I have strong interests in understanding how internet governance can contribute in the achievement of SDGs in the years to come. By attending this course, I also hope to establish contacts with the participating individual in order to strengthen our networking, knowledge exchange and expertise that will contribute to the development of a Kenya School of Internet Governance. I further believe that my experience will contribute greatly to the discussions during the course. I am motivated by Euro-SSIG’s experienced faculty, dynamic and international environment. The course is in line with my present work.