Natalia Șeremet

Legal Resources Centre from Moldova

Natalia Seremet – Republic of Moldova

Academic background: In 2005 I graduated Faculty of Economical Sciences, specialisation Public Administration at University "Dunarea de Jos". In the third and fourth university year I enrolled and graduated the European Studies Department at the same University. Two years later I got a master degree in Financial Banking Management also at the Faculty of Economical Sciences. During last 6 years I work as a digital communication coordinator and I graduated some specialisation on Digital Public Relations..

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
The governance of the Internet, its regulation and, in particular, the management of its core resources, is one of the most controversial issues in the ongoing discussion on the future development of the global information society, especially in developing countries as Republic of Moldova. While in the European Union (EU) the limitation of mass surveillance measures is currently discussed in the context of the European Court of Justice (CJEU) and four EU member states’ constitutional court decisions relating to the laws on retaining traffic data in the Republic of Moldova, a new law on broadening the obligations to retain traffic data, increase digital surveillance and impose internet blocking is being proposed – without a comprehensive analysis of the necessity and proportionality of this excessive interference with the fundamental rights, and claiming these obligations are needed to comply with the international conventions. Internet governance encompasses a range of issues and actors and it this digital area is crucial to understand what is Internet Governance and where does it come come from?What are the main issues involved in Internet governance and how to distinguish the cybercrime and identify the involved actors?.