Nataliia Gerasymchuk

Council of Europe Office in Ukraine

Nataliia Gerasymchuk – Ukraine

Academic background: I am the graduate from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in International Law and Translation (English). I will have to uphold the Ph.D thesis in International Law on May, 15, 2017.
Author of about 25 publications on law of international institutions and cyberlaw. Co-author of the collective study „Integration of Ukraine to the European information society: challenges and tasks“ (supported by CoE).

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG: In the recent times I took an interest in the issues of Internet Governance. Currently my experience comprises several publications and round tables. Namely, in 2015 I participated in the training course "Internet and human rights for policy makers" (Joint programme between the EU and the CoE) and in 2016 under the contract with the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine I participated in the training course as a CoE Consultant sharing ideas about International Institutional Aspects of Internet Governance (including on EuroSSIG) with Ukrainian policy officials. These days I am working on the publication for the conference on political and legal issues of cyberspace (organized by the Ukrainian Association of International Law). Moreover, I participate in discussions of Internet Society through on-line fora. Being supported by the CoU and my alma-mater I would like to receive practical knowledge and innovative ideas on Internet Governance which would be of the significant importance for me as a young expert in the given field. I would be extremely thankful to become a part of the team interested in promoting effective Internet Governance.