Nato Goderdzishvili

Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Data Exchange Agency

Nata Goderdzishvili – Georgia

Academic background: Government’s senior consultant in e-government and cyber security, lawyer and policy analyst! Biggest professional ambition is to make government transparent and accountable, corruption-free and citizen-centric with the use of ICTs! Primary focus of my work is to study and practice impact of e-government and digital tools on administrative burden reduction, improve public service delivery, modernize legal and regulatory systems, and make Georgia internationally recognized as e-government and cyber security tourist hub! I am the only Georgian holding Global Information Assurance Certificate in Legal Issues in Information Technology & Security. My life-motive is to achieve excellence in my profession!

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
I’ve been interested in Internet Governance for the last 7 years since I started practice in cyber security and e-government domains. I guess that apart from self-studying, there is no thorough academic programs where I can learn multi-disciplinary aspects of Internet Governance, thus summer school is the best alternative to both get aware of new concepts and examine them into practical discussions with other participants. It would be a good opportunity to broaden my scope of knowledge in Internet Governance gathered through Georgian IGF membership and participation in EURODIG and SEEDIG conferences with more multi-stakeholder class lectures and academic standpoint. As I am deeply involved in developing Georgia’s legal and policy frameworks on cyber security, privacy and human rights, protection of critical information infrastructures, and management of information assets (including online access to information), I would have a great chance to share Georgia’s lessons learned and get feedback on similar or different challenges from participant countries. Moreover, I do have a deep interest to pursue academic research in Internet Governance, namely in cyber and human rights domain, that’s why International best practice and lessons learned through Euro-SSIG will be irreplaceable help for my future research and academic work!