Ralfs Sataki

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Ralfs Sataki – Latvia

Academic background: I am an economics and business student studying at the best business school in the Baltic/Nordic region, which is well known for providing its students with a strong understanding in economics, finance, accounting and organizational behavior. I have always stressed extra-curricular activities as my main learning point ever since the beginning of Secondary School, where I was the member of the pupil’s council and represented the secondary school in various mobility events. During my time at SSE Riga I had the pleasure of organizing various events in the school, as well as undertook the role of the teaching assistant in the entrepreneurship course.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
I have always been keen on developing my knowledge in as wide of an array of fields as possible. Ever since secondary school I partook opportunities of learning about environmental and sustainability challenges during cultural exchange mobility events. And for the same reason I undertook a role in EU projects providing me with training in debating and acting.
However, after my first year of studies in university I was even more determined in acquiring new knowledge, which motivated me to have my first internship in Italy at the registry for ccTLD ".eu" EURid. During my time there I gained valuable experience for my professional development, as well as I started to develop a keen interest in the domain industry. Therefore, I find EuroSSIG as an excellent opportunity in further deepening my knowledge in the field as well as meet exciting new people from the industry.