Suzanne Taylor


Suzanne Taylor – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Academic background: I have an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. I have worked as a journalist for Canada’s national newsweekly magazine, where I covered a broad range of topics. I also worked at Yale University, where I handled communications for the university’s physical sciences and engineering departments. For the past four years I have worked for the RIPE NCC, first as a technical writer and more recently as part of the External Relations team.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG: As a recent addition to the External Relations team at the RIPE NCC, I have begun engaging with a broad range of Internet stakeholders including the RIPE NCC membership, governments, law enforcement, and intergovernmental organisations. Having worked there for four years in another role, I have a basic understanding of Internet governance; however, it is a steep learning curve, with many organisations, structures, processes and players all contributing to a complex ecosystem. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the different aspects involved in Internet governance. I believe that EuroSSIG would provide an excellent introduction and give me the tools to delve deeper into those topics most relevant to my professional position. I also believe that the Internet is one of the most transformative technologies in humankind’s history, and on a more personal level, I would like to contribute in some small way to its healthy functioning and promote a governance model that helps create equal opportunity for all users. I think that participating in EuroSSIG would provide a valuable opportunity to meet others with a similar mission and discover ways that I can contribute to this purpose myself.