Hartmut Glaser

Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/CGI.br

Hartmut Richard Glaser is the Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/CGI.br in Brazil, a “multistakeholder“ not-for-profit organization, with following responsibilities: 1. to coordinate the registration of domain names under ccTLD <.br>; the allocation of Internet addresses (IPs) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASs); 2. to recommend standards for technical and operational procedures for the Internet in Brazil; 3. to establish strategic directives related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil; 4. to promote studies and technical  standards for network and service security in the country; 5. to collect, organize and disseminate information on Internet services, including indicators and statistics; 6. to coordinate the Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), responsible for handling computer security incident reports and activity related to networks objects that aim to improve the quality of the Internet in Brazil, working more specifically with Internet infrastructure, which includes the operation of 28 Internet Exchange Points (IXs) in Brazil and, finally, 9. to coordinate the W3C Office in Brasil.

Some other activities:
1968/1970: Researcher at Van de Graaff Laboratory Institute of Physics/University São Paulo;
1970/1990: Researcher at Microelectronics Laboratory – Escola Politécnica/USP (Engineering Faculty);
1989/1993: Special Adviser to the Director (Dean) of Escola Politécnica/USP;
1994/1996: Special Adviser to the Rector of University São Paulo;
1996/2004: Special Adviser to the President of FAPESP – State Foundation for R&D of the State of São Paulo;
1996/2002: Coordinator of the Academic Network/ANSP at the State of São Paulo;
1996/2018: Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee/CGI.br;
2000/2018: Board Member (Treasurer) of LACNIC;
2000/2018: Member of the Address Council (AC) of Address Supporting Organization (ASO);
2004/2017: Member of ICANN’s “Nominating Committee;
2003 and 2006: Local Organizer of ICANN Meeting in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo;
2007 until 2018: Adviser to UNDESA for the organization of Internet Governance Fora;
2007: Local Organizer of the 2nd IGF ‐ Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro;
2015: Local Organizer of the 10th IGF ‐ Internet Governance Forum in João Pessoa;
2009/2018: Faculty Member at the “EuroSSIG-Summer School of Internet Governance in Meissen/Germany;
2014/2018: Coordinator of the Brazilian Internet Governance School;
2015/2018: PIR Board Member (4 years)