Lakshi Bhatia

Hertie School, Germany

I am a journalist-turned-Public Policy candidate at Hertie School, specialising in core courses of Digital Governance and EU Law. Prior to the transition, I pursued a Bachelors in Journalism, New Media, and Cultural Studies. In my journalistic career, I have dabbled in long-form writing as well as creation of slick, immersive multimedia content in India’s bustling newsrooms. Significant tasks involved news writing in myriad formats, editing video segments, managing complex editorial campaigns on geopolitics, governance, cybersecurity, and political economy. As a practitioner in the field, I have closely researched on how algorithms have redefined processes of news production and distribution, often demanding algorithmic opacity, and accountability. The use of cutting-edge digital technologies, including machine learning, big data and analytics, blockchain, in newsrooms often has ethical implications (references include deep fakes, fake news, censorship). Another aspect of my reportage has focused on the harnessing of Open Data, ICT tools, and GovTech systems that steer democratic participation of citizens in public service delivery.