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Webinar: The history of the Internet

We recommend the following literature and links to prepare for the EuroSSIG!

Easy reading:

Preparation for the practicum (all week):

Current international processes and inititatives (Monday):

Cybersecurity (Wednesday):

EU Regulations at a glance (Thursday):

Artificial Intelligence (Friday):

Recent articles by Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter on CircleID:

Further recommended academic literature:

  • Milton Mueller, Will the Internet Fragment (2017)
  • Jovan Kurbalija, (7th edition / 2016)
  • William J. Drake, Vinton G. Cerf, Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Internet Fragmentation: An Overview (2016) pdf-download
  • William J. Drake, Internet Governance: Creating Opportunities for All (2010)
  • Milton Mueller, Networks and States (2010)
  • Jonathan Zittrain, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It (2008)
  • Avri Doria & Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Internet Governance Forum: The First Two Years (2008)
  • Wolfgang Kleinwächter, The Power of Ideas: Internet Governance in a Global Multistakeholder Environment (2007)
  • Lawrence Lessig, Code Version 2.0 (2006)
  • Jack Glodsmith & Tim Wu, Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World (2006)
  • Daniel Stauffacher & Wolfgang Kleinwächter, The World Summit on the Information Society: Moving from the Past into the Future (2005)
  • William J. Drake, Reforming Internet Governance (2005)
  • Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Macht und Geld in Cyberspace (2004) / in German only
  • Donald McLean, Internet Governance (2004)
  • Lawrence Lessig, The Future of Ideas (2003)
  • Manuel Castells, The Internet Galaxy (2002)
  • Milton Mueller, Ruling the Root (2002)

Official UN documents of historical importance:

We recommend also to visit the following websites in advance:

John Perry Barlow (1947-2018) Library here