The EuroSSIG-Alumni Network is an exclusive space for former fellows and faculty to connect, share, and support each other as well as the EuroSSIG. It provides an opportunity to exchange about substantive topics, post job or other professional openings such as research fellowships, speaking opportunities, and internships and learn about events and initiatives across topics and geographies.

The objective is to give alumni fellows and faculty a place to support each other and create and strengthen their relationships. The group will give all a chance to interact with fellows and faculty members from across all the years that EuroSSIG has been in existence and motivate networking with colleagues from the years members were either fellows or faculty.

The EuroSSIG-Alumni Network is also a place for fellows and faculty to support the continuation of EuroSSIG and Alumni Network by expressing interest to sponsor fellows, provide financial support to ensure more fellows from around the world can benefit from the programme, and support the alumni network. In addition, it is an opportunity to encourage former fellows to reach out to their company or organisational contacts to provide financial support to this important programme.

This group is a place to keep gaining from the EuroSSIG experience and enrich former fellow and faculty’s career paths and aspirations. Let’s keep the energy, contacts and learning from EuroSSIG going into the future together!

Former EuroSSIG fellows and faculty, please:

  1. Join the closed LinkedIn group at:
  2. Ask to be subscribed to the EuroSSIG-Alumni Network mailing list by sending an email to:

By joining the LinkedIn group or the mailing list, as well as participating in any other activity EuroSSIG is organising, you agree to our Code of Conduct.