Summer School Impressions

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Read what the faculty and fellows say about it:

Chris Buckridge

I have found EuroSSIG to be an invaluable opportunity to learn about Internet governance, both as a fellow and a member of faculty. … read more

Niels ten Oever

Niels ten Oever, Article 19

The Internet can only be truly global if it is based on human rights; on infrastructure, policy and application level. read more

Sivasubramanian M.

EuroSSIG is organized without any compromises on what it takes to create a truly multistakeholder environment to learn Internet governance. … read more

Ann-Cathrin Marcussen

Attending the EuroSSIG was an extremely valuable experience both professionally and socially. … read more

Wolfgang Benedek

The EuroSSIG stands out as the best opportunity to learn about Internet Governance in a nice, community-building environment. … read more

Rafik Dammak

More than an intensive academic program to introduce IG, EUSSIG was an opportunity to meet people, lecturers and students, … read more

Emily M. Weitzenboeck

I spent one incredible week in this beautiful cloister in Meissen with some of the most reknown experts in the field of Internet Governance (IG) … read more

Dirk Krischenowski

Dirk Krischenowski, dot Berlin

For a decade now the European Summer School on Internet Governance successfully helps to educate promising fellows from all over the world … read more

Annebeth Lange

During the last 10 years ʻInternet Governanceʼ has developed from being an expression understood by the ʻchosen fewʼ to comprise ʻInternet at largeʼ. … read more

Milton L. Mueller

Milton Mueller, University of Syracuse

There is no better way to become acquainted with the key ideas, institutions and actors in global Internet governance than to attend the Meissen summer school. … read more

Fabien Betremieux

As a graduate from Science Po in Paris and active programme manager in the gTLD industry, I have been impressed by the breadth of coverage, … read more

Freddy Linares-Torres

EuroSSIG is a unique opportunity to learn, share and test arguments with exceptional people from all over the world. … read more

Read fellows reports and find more photos via our Pictures and Archives page.