St. Afra Klosterhof (former name: Evangelische Akademie)
Freiheit 16
01662 Meißen (also spelled Meissen)

By car:
Coming from Autobahn A4 take the exit “Dresden-Altstadt/Meißen/GVZ” and enter onto the interstate road (Bundesstraße B6) direction “Meissen”. Follow the B6 until you reach the city of Meissen. (On your right side you will see the river “Elbe” all the way long). In the city of Meißen, the road B6 is called „Siebeneichener Strasse”, “Uferstrasse”, “Hochuferstrasse”. Follow the road B6 (“Hochuferstrasse”) and turn left onto “Meisastrasse” / “Fürstenstrasse der Wettiner” (B101). After 300 meters turn left again onto “Am Lommatzscher Tor”. At the end of this street turn left in “Nossener Strasse” and after 20 meters turn right on “Freiheit”. St. Afra Monastery is in no. 16. After check-in in you can park your car free of charge in the garage situated in the basment.
NOTE: Due to construction work on the direct road to the monastery, travelling by car will involve some diversions. It is recommended to use a navigation system.

By plane:
You can consider the following airports: Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Prague (Czech Republic) from there you have to continue by train to Dresden and then to Meißen.

From the airports Frankfurt am Main and Munich you can either catch a train or another airplane which brings you to Dresden.

If you arrive at Dresden-Airport go to the S-Bahn, signposted with the clip_image002-symbol and take the train S2 direction “Dresden”, “Heidenau” or “Pirna”. The train leaves every 30 minutes (8:18, 8:48, 9:18, … etc. last train at 23:18). After 12 minutes riding time you have to change the train at the station „Dresden Neustadt“, staying on the same platform. Take train S1 to „Meißen Triebischtal“, and leave the train at „Meißen Bahnhof“ or “Meißen Altstadt“. Riding time is 36 minutes. Continue the journey as described below under section „Local transportation in Meißen“

By train:
If you arrive at Dresden Main Station (Hauptbahnhof, HBF) go to the S-Bahn clip_image002 and take S1 via “Meißen Triebischtal”. Trains are leaving every 30 minutes minutes (8:00, 8:30, 9:00 … etc. last train at 24:00). You don’t have to change the train. Your final destination is „Meißen Bahnhof“ or “Meißen Altstadt“. Riding time is 36 minutes. Continue the journey as described below under section „Local transportation in Meißen“

Tickets for public transportation:
In July there is a special promotion for public transportation. Every person can purchase a ticket for only 9 EUR per month valid all over Germany on all busses, trams and trains expect in ICE, IC and EC trains, Flix bus and Flix train or cross border connections. This offer will be less expensive that purchasing a return ticket for the train between Dresden and Meissen.
You can already purchase the ticket here.

At Dresden airport and at Dresden train station you will also find taxis. Taxi fare is about 60,00 EUR for 30 min riding time. Please check with the taxi driver in advance if credit card payment is accepted or not.

Local transportation in Meißen (also spelled Meissen):

OPTION 1: Get off at „Meißen Bahnhof“
Get at „Busbahnhof, Meißen“ onto bus number B, direction „Schletta Wendeplatz“ at. Get off at Lommatzscher Tor (4 stops). Duration of the ride is 6 min. From there you still have to walk up the hill for 350 m, but the road is not rocky. The bus is departing every 30 min (12:27, 12:57, 13:27, 13:57 …). Above mentioned 9 EUR ticket is valid on this bus.

OPTION 2: Get off at „Meißen Altstadt“
A walk from train station „Meißen Altstadt“ to the Monastery is only 900 m but you have to pass rocky roads and heavy gradients. It will take you around 15-20 min. It is not recommended with the luggage.

If there are free seats you could take bus number E, which is the official sightseeing bus.  This bus brings you up the hill almost to the gate of St. Afra. Get onto the modern mini bus at the station “S-Bf Altstadt” and get off at “Burgstuben” (5 stops).  Duration of the ride is 7 min. Then walk back 50 m, turn right and walk another 60 m until you reach the big gate of St. Afra Monastery on your left. The address is “Freiheit 16”. The bus is departing every 30 min (12:02, 12:32, 13:02, 13:32 …). Above mentioned 9 EUR ticket is valid on this bus.