Elena Lopatina

Council of Europe

Elena Lopatina – Russian Federation

Academic background: I hold two master’s degrees: in civil law form Kazan Federal University and in human rights law from the University of Strasbourg. I also did academic research focusing on the principles of civil law and had several articles published on this topic.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
The subject of Internet Governance is of particular relevance to my current field of activity and key duties. My everyday work is focused on protection of human rights in the Internet environment through development of common standards and recommendations for the Council of Europe member States. This task is inextricably linked to examination of the existing legal regimes, models and practices related to Internet Governance, and also requires a good understanding of interests and roles of different stakeholders, as well as of various aspects of Internet Governance, such as cyber security, data protection, etc.. I believe that the EuroSSIG would be a great asset to my professional competencies and I also value the opportunity to meet professionals working on the challenging topic of Internet Governance, share experience and create synergies.