Jacqueline Eggenschwiler

University of Oxford

Jacqueline Eggenschwiler – Switzerland

Academic background: Jacqueline Eggenschwiler is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security and the Faculty of Law. Her areas of focus include cyberspace governance and regulatory design. A former NextGen@ICANN participant, she is particularly interested in processes of internet regulation at the international level. Jacqueline holds degrees in International Affairs and Governance, International Management, and Human Rights from the University of St Gallen and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
Internet governance and its complexities are at the heart of my every-day life as a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford. EuroSSIG comes highly recommended, and provides a unique opportunity to engage with eminent scholars and practitioners in the field of internet governance. Broadly interested, my research, at its core, is concerned with an analysis of the regulatory environment pertaining to global cyberspace. Starting from the premise that the regulation of cyberspace resembles a jungle of different, at times competing, regulatory endeavours, attaining a better understanding of the contours of the regulatory jungle is key for increasing regulatory transparency, assessing processes of legitimisation, and scrutinising impending models of regulation. With its unique setup and illustrious group of contributors and participants, I am convinced that attending EuroSSIG will add considerable value to my quest for acquiring a better understanding of the regulatory challenges created by the transformation of cyberspace into a global infrastructure at the centre of human activity. Given my strong interest in issues related to internet governance, I would be honoured to be part of and interact with like-minded members, and learn from the leading minds of global internet governance.