Hon. Alhagie Mbow

Gambia National Parliament, Gambia

  • Masters Degree Computer Information Systems-eBusiness
  • Bachelors of Science- Computer Information System
  • Associate Degree- Computer Science




Fellow Report:


The European Summer School on Internet Governance that was held from August 15 to August 21, 2021 was the best short-term training I have ever had for several reasons.
Apart from the near perfect preparation by the support staff for our travelling and lodging, there are lot of takeaways during the summer school.

  1. The school was attended by various scholars ranging from legislators, engineers, lawyers, graduates among others. The uniqueness of the group has created a unique environment where ideas were shared and issues of global concern discussed in detail. This has created so much experience and knowledge sharing that is beneficial to all of us.
  2. One of the most important discussions was how the Internet was regulated in terms of codes and protocols, IP addressing system to name few that brought along lot of standardization across the world both in hardware and software applications. This information is vital not only to a technical person but the average person relying on the usage of the Internet for lot of things. These topics expanded my understanding and would assist me in the future legislations.
  3. In the area of Artificial Intelligence, the in-depth analysis taking into consideration human right issues in their development has never crossed my mind and human rights issues must be taken into consideration for all future applications.
  4. The breakout session on daily basis in groups where discussions were held like an open forum allowed more interactions among the participants. This has created another dimension to the summer school in that discussion about Internet Governance, Policies, perspective of telecommunication companies and businesses were crucial.
  5. The way registries work and their implications on the Internet was another area that has taught us lot of valuable lessons that one can only appreciate the functionality of the Internet.
  6. On governance, various discussion were made in terms of how it should be govern and various schools of thought were discussed but to a large extent collaboration would be key from hardware to application development.
  7. Overall, I strongly believe this summer school is excellent as it has brought together lot of scholars close and far under one roof to discuss issues relating to how to make the Internet work better.