Tetiana Ivanova – Ukraine

CORE Association

Tetiana Ivanova - Ukraine
Tetiana Ivanova – Ukraine

Academic background: A Bachelor and a Master degree in Natural Science, Lugansk, Ukraine. Currently, Marketing and Communications expert for the new Cyrillic domains, CORE Association, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG:
For last three years I work for CORE Association (Internet Council of Registrars) for one of our main projects “Cyrillic Domains“. During this time I have participated in preparing and organizing of such events in Bulgaria, dedicated to International Internet Governance, as ICANN Studienkrise 2014 and EuroDIG 2015. This experience aroused my strong interest in Internet Governance, but realise that I need more knowledge in this area to be active part of the multistakeholder governance model and to help Bulgaria to develop as a modern Internet Country. I apply to the fellow programme to improve my knowledge in Internet Governance process and in Internet structure in the whole to be able to participate actively in this kind of projects in future. I believe that the opportunity to be part in the Euro-SSIG will help me to understand closely the current issues in the field and how this will evolve in the future. In this summer school I hope to meet interesting people over the world to share experience and to discuss problematic issues with them.