Auke Pals


Auke Pals – The Netherlands

Academic background: Last year I finished high school and since this year I’m a first year University student information science at the University of Amsterdam.

Please explain why you are interested to participate at the Euro-SSIG: I’m a member of the Dutch youth internet counsel that is a initiative of the same organization hosting the NLIGF. Two years ago I I was asked to be youth ambassador on Internet Governance in the Netherlands, after active participating at the NLIGF’s. From there on I attended IGF15, EuroDIG16 prep, EuroDIG16, SeeDIG16, IGF16 and became part of a network educating youngsters how to be involved in internet governance where we learn how to make youth involvement more sustainable. (NERDY)
For this year I’m organizing the youth IGF together with our dutch partners. Therefore I want to have more knowledge than I got right now on the IG subjects.