Shadi Alhakimi

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Master’s of science Security and Network Engineering





Fellow Report:


The 2022 European Summer School on Internet Governance focused on Cybersecurity as a main theme. It was conducted from 17 until 24 of July and, from my perspective, it was one of the best short-term training courses in internet governance.

It started with planning and pre-arrival communication and everything was crystal clear, during the course. I was impressed with the professionalism shown by the program coordinators and facilitators. As soon as I received the acceptance letter, they made me well-informed about the process, procedures and next steps. The preparation was very good. The program coordinators and staff were very supportive before and during the program. The program coordinators even helped me arrange travel tickets so I could come to Meissen, where the program is frequently held. The accommodation was great and I could refer to the history of monks who lived and studied at this place in the past, which illustrates why this place is the right place to run the programs.

Overall, the program has given me the opportunity to broaden my understanding of Internet governance. More specifically, to gain a deeper understanding of the multi-stakeholder model. Many important topics were extensively discussed including regulation, corporations, NGOs, and the role of the state in shaping the internet and digital world. A mix of presentations, discussions, and breakout sessions encouraged meaningful interaction between attendees and faculty, and among attendees. The coffee and evening talks were as fruitful as the official program itself, where some interesting ideas were discussed.

As an engineer, I was always trained to care about the functionality of systems, but by the end of the program I was equipped with the right tools to zoom-out. Moreover, it kept me focused not only on the technical side, but also on the social and human side. Internet technology is no longer a tool in the hands of nerds and geeks, it is touching the lives of almost every human on the earth.

The program has a variety of fellows, including legislators, engineers, lawyers, and graduates. Due to this variety, the groups complemented each other and represented a fair cross-section of society. This creates a unique environment where you can exchange ideas and discuss issues of global interest from different perspectives.

By the end of the program, I was able to understand the complexities of the systems that currently run the Internet. The roles of ICANN, IANA, RIPE NCC and many others are now clearer to me.

I would definitely encourage future fellows to apply, and I look forward to staying informed about the faculty and their progress in the future and being an alumnus is just the start of a great long-term relationship.